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Upholstery Services include Stitching, Repadding & Webbing

About Chennai Sofa Repair

GV Furniture has been in the sofa repair industry in Chennai for over 15 years. Our main aim is to provide a friendly and professional sofa refurbishing service in the entire Chennai region. Our services include full restoration of home sofas, repair of damaged or stained furniture, sofas and chairs. Don't waste your time and contact Sofa Repair Chennai Tnagar to get approx Cost through Whatsapp +91 9176245012.

Chennai sofa renovation is the Upholstery Specialists Tnagar Chennai offering our services in the following all over chennai

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Our Services

Sofa Renovation Tnagar Chennai

sofa renovation Tnagar

Chennai sofa renovation Tnagar- All of our technicians are fully trained upholsterers and are able to carry out sofa repairs to all upholstery including re-springing, changing any broken frame parts, re-webbing, changing zips, foams and any sewing required.

Recliner Sofa Renovation Tnagar

Leather sofa renovation Tnagar

Leather sofa renovation Tnagar Chennai - GV Furniture specialise in both leather reupholstery and fabric recovers nationwide and offer a service that will make the suite looking fresh and brand new in affordable cost.

Leather Sofa Renovation Tnagar

Recliner sofa renovation Tnagar

Recliner sofa renovation Tnagar Chennai - GV Furniture has over 15 years experience carrying our furniture repairs and recliner repairs chennai. Each recliner repair technician has over 10 years of experience and have regular training to keep up with industry standards.

Contact sofa renovation Tnagar Chennai to get approx sofa renovation Cost through Whatsapp +91 9176245012

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